Mike Cornely

All About Adventure

Drama, mystery, and adventure are common threads that appear in Mike Cornely’s artistic creations. A man with many talents, he is an artist who enjoys working with acrylic paint. He is also a unique storyteller through the written word and [...]


Cheryl Chapin

Light-Hearted Imagination

Writer and artist Cheryl Chapin’s love of words is evident. On any given day, you can expect to see a novel in her hand or hear a clever turn of phrase. That enjoyment is easily transferred to her writing of [...]


Jess Evans

Art & Family

I like to write about my family because I love them unconditionally. That’s why I’m excited that my piece, “My Brother’s Really Cool” is in Full Circle this year. My family makes me feel safe and secure and warm. My [...]


Josh Handler

A Man of Firsts

Artist Josh Handler is a trailblazer of sorts. He was one of the first participants in Matheny’s Arts Access Program. “I have been a pioneer of the program since it started,” said Josh. “I love doing it. It makes me [...]