Our Award-Winning Artists

Dance Innovations Award Scholarships

We are so proud of our artists, Rick Cruz and Anthony Zaccaria, who were each selected for a Dance Innovations Performance Foundation 2020 scholarship! These esteemed scholarships will help Rick and Anthony further their passion for the arts and [...]


Studio Spotlight: Chris Palmer

A Modern Pop Artist

Illustration by Chris Palmer One could easily come away with a sense of joy and wonder from viewing Chris Palmer’s illustrations and paintings. Drawing inspiration from comic books, television, and movies, Chris creates his compositions entirely from [...]


Studio Spotlight: Chet Cheesman

Determined and Dedicated

“I love to paint . . . all of my paintings are in my head before I do them.” Digital rendering and physical fabrication of Chet's sculpture "Nightlight" Chet was among the first artists to participate in [...]


Studio Spotlight: Amy Myers

Dreaming of Art

“It takes work. And I worked at it very hard.” Amy's Mixed Up Feelings, Number 2 Amy Myers is known for her diligent work as an artist in the Arts Access Program. Her work, which includes digital [...]


Studio Spotlight: Ara Shamamian

Enthusiastic Expression

“Oh my God, look at me!” Ara’s excitement is rarely contained when he is at Arts Access. We often hear his joyous exclamations during facilitation sessions. Lately, Ara has been focused on digital painting. During the course of a [...]


Studio Spotlight: Carly Finley

Building Art

In the Arts Access Digital Art program, Carly recently completed designing a new sculpture, pictured above in a digital rendering. There are many places within the sculpture for the viewer’s eyes to explore. Carly uses repeated shapes in a wide [...]

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