Studio Spotlight: Carly Finley

Matheny Arts Access

In the Arts Access Digital Art program, Carly recently completed designing a new sculpture, pictured above in a digital rendering. There are many places within the sculpture for the viewer’s eyes to explore. Carly uses repeated shapes in a wide variety of colors and textures in order to construct the full experience of her sculpture. Many of the textures are reminiscent of building materials, though the overall form of the entire sculpture defies the traditional shapes of buildings and instead creates something entirely new and exciting.

Carly has been participating in Arts Access for several years now. Besides digital art and sculpture, Carly also paints, dances, and creates choreography. In 2018, Carly presented her first completed piece of choreography onstage at Full Circle. Not only was that her debut as a choreographer, but it was also Carly’s first time performing onstage. Carly was also featured in an article last year that detailed more of here experience creating art in the Arts Access Program.

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