Digital Art: Painting & Sculpture

Artist Alex Stojko engaged in Digital Art Painting and Sculpture in the art studio at the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center.
Digital Art utilizes the latest advancements in computer technology as a tool for art creation. Artists are given the choice within this program to work in either Digital Painting or Digital Sculpture. Clients have the opportunity to use several types of input methods ranging from touch sensitive tablets to highly advanced pressure sensitive touch screens. These methods can be used independently or in conjunction with our facilitation system to meet the needs of all ranges of physical ability. No prior knowledge of computers required.
  • Prerequisites: clear and consistent yes/no communication.
  • Hardware: Workstation Class Computer, large scale monitors, several input devices
  • Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Painter, Strata 3D
  • Facilitator/client ratio: 1:1
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