Artist Michael Cornelly performing on stage in the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center.
The drama program takes the most basic elements of theater (Character, Movement, Dialogue, and Setting) and presents them as tools for clients to use in order to create their own dramatic work. These tools can be used to direct, act, or write their work, depending on what role(s) a client would like to participate in. If directing, they can set the stage or shape the performances of the actors. If acting, they can appear in the piece themselves or use an able bodied actor as a kind of “avatar”. If writing, they can develop the plot and write the dialogue. It all depends on how the clients choose to use the system.
  • Prerequisites: clear and consistent yes/no communication
  • Provided supplies: choice-making systems, print out of work, stage
  • Facilitator/client ratio: 1:1
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