Studio Spotlight: Ara Shamamian

Abstract painting by artist Ara Shamamian featuring shapes and patterns in shades of green, blue, purple, black, red, and white.

Enthusiastic Expression

“Oh my God, look at me!”

Ara’s excitement is rarely contained when he is at Arts Access. We often hear his joyous exclamations during facilitation sessions.

Lately, Ara has been focused on digital painting. During the course of a session, he will choose multiple options from the facilitation charts, including colors, textures, shapes, and brushes. Ara enjoys utilizing a Wacom tablet and stylus to color in his shapes or different areas of the canvas. When he has finished with a certain color/brush/shape, he will set the stylus down to signify that.

Ara’s paintings will often be made up of many overlapping brushstrokes and will sometimes have one or two shapes. Ara will typically fill these shapes with either a different color and the same type of brushstrokes as the rest of the painting, or a different color and a different brush from the rest of the painting. Ara has finished quite a few paintings and currently has a few still in progress.

We are thrilled to have Ara participating in the Arts Access Program. To stay up to date with what Ara and all of our other artists are achieving, be sure to join our email list and follow us on social media.

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