Studio Spotlight: Carly Finley

Building Art

In the Arts Access Digital Art program, Carly recently completed designing a new sculpture, pictured above in a digital rendering. There are many places within the sculpture for the viewer’s eyes to explore. Carly uses repeated shapes in a wide [...]


Rick Cruz

Calculating Creativity

“I am very proud of myself. I work really hard.” An enthusiastic new artist, Rick started participating in the Arts Access Program in February 2019. He first came to the program because he liked art but had never done it [...]


Isabell Villacis

Creating with Passion

“I just want everyone to know that if you have a dream, go for it!” Isabell is a creative and versatile abstract painter, writer, and choreographer. She has been creating art most of her life and is happy to share [...]


Arts Access 2019

A Year in Review

Every day is full of exciting achievements and creative freedom here at Arts Access. But there were some extra special moments this year. Join us for a review of some of this year’s most memorable moments.   EVENTS The Art [...]


Studio Spotlight: Lee Papierowicz

Creative and Confident

The first painting created by Lee Papierowicz at Arts Access is a decadent delight for the eyes. The canvas is full of gooey, delicious texture. Blues and reds dominate the space, interspersed with touches of green, purple, and white. Viewing [...]


Curating Full Circle 2019

The Gallery and Stage Show

A lot of careful consideration is put into selecting pieces for both Full Circle’s Gallery and Stage Show. We were able to find a few minutes in their busy schedules to ask Haeree Park, Projects and Events Coordinator, and Heather [...]

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