Studio Spotlight: Andy Lash

Dedicated and Focused Painter

On a recent walk through the studio, we happened to glimpse this in progress painting by Andy Lash. The large canvas is full of bright and vibrant lines of color, with a light a subtle texture from the paint application. [...]



Accessibility to Live Theatre

Drama facilitator, Mike Christie, proposed a new idea a couple months ago. The artists working in the Arts Access drama program are passionate about their work, but don’t often have the opportunity to see live theatre performances. Many artists recognize [...]


Studio Spotlight: Creating Art Without Limits

Meet Artist Dani Urso-King

Making artists’ ideas and visions come to life is a primary goal for Arts Access facilitators. There’s no greater example of that effort than the melding of creativity that happens when client Dani Urso-King and Painting Facilitator Joseph Matousek join [...]