2022 Rutgers NJMS Collaborative ARTS Exhibit Recap

12 Years of Artist Collaboration

Exhibited paintings at 2022 Rutgers NJMS Collaborative ARTS Exhibition.

Since 2010, the artists from Arts Access and JSDD’s WAE Center have brought their talents together to create an incredible exhibit at Rutgers NJMS. This year was no exception, as the two groups celebrated 12 years of artist collaboration.

The 2022 Collaborative ARTS Exhibit was particularly special, with the exhibit brought back in-person for the first time since 2019. Over 40 acrylic paintings, digital paintings, drawings, and prints adorned the walls of Rutgers NJMS from June 23 – August 31, greeting visitors as they walked through the building.

This year’s exhibit wasn’t limited to in-person viewing, though. For the first time ever, Arts Access and the WAE Center curated not only an in-person exhibit, but also a virtual gallery, where viewers could enjoy the exhibit from anywhere in the world. This hybrid event was a great success, and broadened the reach of the artists and their talents.

A Virtual Celebration

On Monday, July 18, artists from Arts Access and the WAE Center gathered on Zoom for an exciting evening to celebrate the opening of the 12th annual Collaborative ARTS Exhibit.

The artists were thrilled to share their work with friends, family, and art lovers during the virtual event. A slideshow was presented highlighting the artwork on view, and artists had the opportunity to speak about inspiration and creative process behind their work. Click here to read a full recap on the virtual reception.

The reception was an exciting way to bring people together to celebrate this talented group of artists. Arts Access artist Tammy Heppner said, “I’m very happy to be in the show and very proud of myself. As long as there’s Arts Access around, I’ll never stop painting.”

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, and a very special thank you to the incredible artists for sharing their talents with us and the rest of the world! To stay up to date on all the latest news and projects from the Arts Access artists, be sure to join our email list and follow us on social media.

About Rutgers NJMS

The nation’s best medical schools are known for providing the highest quality medical education, research, patient services, and community outreach. At Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, these priorities are combined with a commitment to constant innovation and progress as we keep our mission, vision, and values in mind.

About JSDD’s WAE Center

JSDD’s WAE Center is a holistic, creative and expressive arts learning center for people with disabilities, dedicated to “Finding the Spark Within”.

JSDD (Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled) is a multi-purpose agency dedicated to providing an integrated program of community education, advocacy, and services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. At JSDD the expectations for quality extend beyond what services and supports may be available to what life fulfilling experiences are possible. Our philosophy supports the notion that there are no limits to those possibilities.

The WAE Center Art Studio is a place where members are invited to explore creating fine art through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, jewelry design, and digital art. Members work both independently and with the guidance and support of trained facilitator mentors in an environment that is founded on neutrality and inclusion.

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