Winter Blues

Winter Blues

an Arts Access virtual exhibition


Arts Access is pleased to present Winter Blues, a virtual exhibition of paintings by the Arts Access artists that embrace the color blue.

Though this time of year is cold and dark, these works inspire us to overcome the winter blues and instead welcome the beauty, calm, and comfort of the winter season. This exhibition presents a range of artistic techniques from sweeping abstractions and strong geometric forms to precise mark-making and subtle explorations of color. Though distinct in style, these paintings are anchored by one commonality: A blue color palette.

A Variety of Blues

The varied tones of blue are as interesting and individual as the artists themselves. A playful turquoise is seen in Josh Handler’s Frogs Jumping in Grass, contrasted by the bold cerulean used by Cheryl Chapin in Many Different Suns and the moody denim-blue in Luis Rodriguez’s Other Worlds. Some artists even juxtapose multiple shades of blue in one painting, such as in Nancy Soto’s splatter-painted Untitled work and Mike Cornely’s Arrow versus Captain Cold. The result is a dynamic grouping of work that encapsulates the diverse talent and originality of the Arts Access artists.

Symbolically, the color blue represents feelings of calm, comfort, hope, and even love. With so many versions of blue, these paintings serve as a reminder to search for these feelings in every day – even when the winter leaves us feeling blue.

This exhibition will be available online January 13 – February 28, 2022. To view, click on the gallery image below.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the exhibit, please email:

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