Access-ABILITY 2020

Pop-up Exhibition at Morris Museum

Artist Thomas Christian by his displayed painting at Access-ABILITY 2020.

Pop-up Exhibition at Morris Museum

The arts have incredible potential to enrich our lives and everyone deserves equal opportunities to enjoy the benefits. This is why Arts Access was so excited to participate for the third time in Morris Museum’s pioneering Access-ABILITY programing. Work from 15 talented Arts Access artists was shown alongside work from Center for Enhancing Abilities in a pop-up exhibit at the museum.

The opening reception for the exhibit was well attended by 12 of the participating Arts Access artists, their friends, families, artists from the Center for Enhancing Abilities, and new fans. The artwork looked impressive in Morris Museum’s exhibition space and the artists enjoyed talking with attendees about their work, creative processes, and inspirations. The artists were ecstatic the whole evening, with wide smiles and words of congratulations for each other.

“We’re an art family,” said Isabell Villacis, one of Arts Access’ multitalented artists.

The four-day exhibit was held from February 20 through February 23. The Access-ABILITY Art Exhibitions feature original artwork by artists with disabilities, showcased at the Museum and in coordination with local school groups and adult programs.

For more information about this and other Access-ABILITY events, please visit the Morris Museum’s website. The Morris Museum Access-ABILITY project is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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