Our Artists are Preparing to Reemerge

at Full Circle 2023
Artist Philip Fisher with guests in the Roberts Schonhorn Arts Center gallery at Full Circle 2018.

Full Circle is back this year! And it’s not just another installment of our most highly anticipated event—it’s also our first in-person Full Circle since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With that in mind, we began considering what this year’s theme would be and how it would relate to this moment in time we now find ourselves in. The pandemic is officially “over” and we are returning to what we once called “normal.” But there are some things, some parts of ourselves, that have been forever changed by the past few years. As we contemplated these things, the concept appeared right in front of us: Reemergence.

Our society has reemerged from isolation and is finding ways of reconnecting and reforging our world. So, what does that look like for Full Circle? We asked the Arts Access staff to give us their insights into the theme of Reemergence.

“Reemergence reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty of new beginnings.”

“Like all of us, the Arts Access artists had to retreat physically from the world during the pandemic. What they didn’t retreat from is making art and releasing creativity; they continued to paint, choreograph, and write without cessation. Even though out of the public eye, their art continued to grow and emerge. At Full Circle 2023, the artists will reemerge into the community, bringing themselves and their artistic creations to the gallery walls and stage.”

– Eileen Murray, Director

“Reemergence is a return, but what’s come back has renewed itself and grown into something even better than before.”

– Arianne Petersen, Communication Specialist

“Reemergence is a look into how the past version of ourselves has shaped us into who we are today.”

– Julia Halsey, Exhibits and Collections Coordinator

“Reemergence calls me to reflect on the past. Every choice we’ve made, big or small, good or bad, has shaped us into who we are today. When we reemerge, the bits of our past become whole, allowing the best version of ourselves to surface.”

– Julia Halsey, Exhibits and Collections Coordinator

“We’ve seen the artists’ works before, but through a transitional state we see something fresh and new: a caterpillar through chrysalis becomes a butterfly.”

– Peter Giessner, Facilitation Assistant

“Reemergence offers hope and assurance of something fresh and new; it affirms the natural order of the world around us.”

– Beth Hull, Community Relations Coordinator

“Reemergence conveys a sense of joy and vitality, inspiring us to embrace life’s beauty and appreciate the simple things. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for a new beginning.”

“Reemergence is a celebration of progress, change, and growth while staying true to who you are.”

– Alyssa Thostesen, Dance Facilitator

“When I think of Reemergence, I look to its definition: noun: reemergence – the process of coming into sight or prominence once more. This year’s Full Circle will be our first in-person event since COVID, but also an opportunity to showcase artists who have explored new techniques, taken artistic risks, and created stunning work ready to come into sight and receive the recognition it deserves.”

– Heather Williams, Performing Arts and Outreach Coordinator

We are thrilled to be gathering once again in the beautiful arts center with you this November. Be sure to save the date for Full Circle: Reemergence and stay tuned for more updates about this event, coming soon!

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