Full Circle 2021

Art from Afar

Abstract painting by artist Isabell Villacis featuring a splatter and drip design in shades of red, orange, and white.

Art from Afar

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Nothing stops the creativity of the Arts Access artists!

The past year has revealed the enduring importance of the arts for society. They provide outlets for expressing even the most overwhelming emotions, inspire curiosity and empathy for those different from us, and offer beauty and hope in times of struggle. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arts Access adapted the facilitation process in order to continue serving our artists from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Unsurprisingly, the Arts Access artists continued creating incredible works of art, though they were far from the studio and stage.

Join Us for a Virtual Celebration of the Arts Access Artists

One of the most highly anticipated events at Arts Access, Full Circle is a multi-disciplinary fine arts showcase featuring original work created by the Arts Access artists. This year, Full Circle is being reimagined as a virtual event in order to respect the health and safety of our artists, supporters, and staff.

Join us on Saturday, November 6th for Full Circle 2021: Art from Afar, streaming live at 4:00 pm.

Full Circle features two main components: a fine art gallery exhibition and a multi-media stage show, both of which will be professionally filmed and live-streamed this year. The gallery exhibition showcases acrylic paintings, digital paintings, and sculpture, while the stage show presents choreography, dramatic works, and staged readings of creative writing.

We are proud to celebrate and share the exceptional work created by the Arts Access artists in the visual, literary, and performing arts. Please join us on November 6th as the Arts Access artists present their work and demonstrate that they are not defined by what they can’t do, but by what they can do.

Save the Date

Tickets for Full Circle 2021 will be available soon! If you haven’t already, join our email list to get the latest notifications. And don’t forget to save the date, Saturday, November 6 at 4:00pm for our very first virtual Full Circle!

Arts Access is grateful to the following organizations for their generous support of this event and other projects from Arts Access.

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