Ellen, James, and Nancy present new dances for Dance Day 2023!

Celebrating International Dance Day

Choreographer Nancy Soto performing her original work during Dance Day 2023.

Arts Access celebrated International Dance Day again this year with a special presentation of three new dances by our talented choreographers! Ellen Kane, James Lane, and Nancy Soto each presented a unique dance that speaks to their own artistic sentiments.

Ellen Kane’s dance featured four dancers moving together as the poem “Lines Written in Early Spring” by William Woodsworth is recited aloud. This piece was performed and filmed in collaboration with Middlesex College Dance Department under the direction of Aimee Mitacchione.

Head shot of artist Ellen Kane.

James Lane’s starred in his dance as one of the two performers. James told us that faith and liturgical music are great sources of inspiration for him, which is evidenced in this piece. This dance was performed and filmed at Matheny’s Hillsborough Day Program location.

Head shot of artist James Lane.

Nancy Soto originally premiered her dance at Dance New Jersey’s Show Up & Dance 2023 event, where it was also filmed. This duet featured sweeping patterns, intentional glances, gorgeous arm movements, and Nancy’s signature smile.

Head shot of artist Nancy Soto.

Thanks to Ellen, James, and Nancy for helping us celebrate International Dance Day this year!

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