And your favorite merchandise items are…

#ArtsAccess30th poll results

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we asked you what your #Top3 favorite merchandise items were from Arts Access. The results are in and the winner is…Scarves and Ties! Followed closely by Tote Bags and Pencil Cases in second place and Necklaces in third!

We had so much fun hearing all your thoughts on our merchandise collection and it was so exciting to see the votes come in! We were most surprised by how close the top three categories were in the end (Scarves and Ties beat out Tote Bags and Pencil Cases by just one vote!).

Stay tuned for our next #ArtsAccess30th poll question, coming soon! We’ll give you a hint: this next category might inspire you to get up and move along with the music. Connect with us on social media or through email to participate in the poll.

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