NJMS Collaborative ARTS Exhibit 2021

New Jersey Medical School Collaborative ARTS Exhibit 2021 virtual gallery.
Matheny Arts Access, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and WAE Center logos

11th annual collaborative exhibition with Rutgers University, Matheny Arts Access, and JSDD’s WAE Center

Welcome to the 11th annual Rutgers NJMS Collaborative ARTS Exhibit, featuring work by artists from Matheny Arts Access and JSDD’s WAE Center. Both programs are dedicated to enabling individuals with disabilities to create fine art. The artistic process is an undeniable source of empowerment for people with disabilities, and the work on exhibition is a testament to the success of each program.

Virtual Gallery, Real Opportunities

After the great success of last year’s exhibit, we are all excited for another virtual edition of this unique event. With the online gallery, last year’s exhibit reached more people than ever before, further spreading awareness of the talents of our artists and their remarkable abilities. It also enabled the public to spend more time viewing the artwork from the convenience of their own home, with the gallery available on both desktop and mobile devices. This gave exhibit visitors a more intimate experience of the artwork, the time and ability to look closely and take in every detail and emotion conveyed by the artists.

This year’s exhibit offers those same opportunities. We are thrilled to share this experience with you!

Virtual Artists Reception

In order to safely celebrate the incredible achievements and talents of the Arts Access and WAE Center artists, we will be holding a virtual artists reception, via Zoom, on August 16 at 6:00 pm. This FREE event provides the opportunity to hear directly from the artists as they share their thoughts on art, the creative process, and showing their work at the annual Collaborative ARTS Exhibit at Rutgers NJMS. Click here to learn more about the virtual reception and register for the event.

We are proud to present to you the Virtual Rutgers NJMS Collaborative ARTS Exhibit 2021. Please click on the virtual gallery below to explore this year’s exhibition.

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork from Arts Access, you may utilize the Inquire link in the virtual gallery or email: arianne@artsaccessprogram.org/staging

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork from the WAE Center, you may utilize the Inquire link in the virtual gallery or email: monica@jsddmetrowest.org

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