"Untitled" painting by artist Christopher Saglimbene featuring striking splatter paint design in bright green, copper, and orange on a dark background.
Untitled by Chris Saglimbene

Untitled by Chris Saglimbene

$30.00 – $600.00
Listed in Acrylic on canvas, Prints

Acrylic on canvas, 31″ x 33″.
“To be honest, I don’t remember much about this painting. But I can tell you that most likely, with the dark background and the light colors in the foreground, that I was trying to cover up a dark time in my life. It’s just an educated guess. But, as far as who I’m influenced by…you know what? I am me and there’s nobody like me.” Chris Saglimbene
A printed copy of the original work, size small. All prints use archival ink on premium paper.

Size: Acrylic on Canvas, 8.5×11″ Print, 13×19″ Print, 17×22″ Print

Year of Artwork: 2016

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