Abstract painting by artist Ellen Kane titled "The Good Arts are Special" featuring colorful geometric shapes and patterns with emphasis on purple and blue colors.
The Good Arts are Special by Ellen Kane

The Good Arts are Special by Ellen Kane

$30.00 – $50.00
Listed in Acrylic on canvas, Prints

Acrylic on canvas, 21″ x 52.5″. The original painting is sold; however, prints are available in three different sizes.
“Sometimes I know what I want to do before I start painting. Some of my favorite shapes are triangles, rectangles and squares. But when I do digital art, I like to use cylinders and octagons.” Ellen Kane

A printed copy of the original work, size small. All prints use archival ink on premium paper.

Size: 8.5×11″ Print, 13×19″ Print, 17×22″ Print

Year of Artwork: 2015

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