Abstract painting by artist Karen Frascella titled "FA" featuring broad brush strokes and pattern in shades of pink, blue, grey, and sienna.
FA by Karen Frascella

FA by Karen Frascella

$30.00 – $350.00
Listed in Acrylic on canvas, Prints

Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 13″.

Colorful and inviting, Karen’s work has been exhibited in Full Circle 2013, Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, and Rutgers – Newark. Karen shares that she particularly likes the colors blue, green, and yellow. She uses the shades often in her work. Of her time spent creating art, Karen relays, “Painting is fun.”

A printed copy of the original work, size small. All prints use archival ink on premium paper.

Size: Acrylic on Canvas, 8.5×11″ Print, 13×19″ Print, 17×22″ Print

Year of Artwork: 2016

Artist Info

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