Painting by artist Tammy Heppner titled "Deers Dancing in the Park" with shapes and pattern including splatter in shades of brown, purple, yellow, blue, and green suggestive of nature.
Deers Dancing in the Park by Tammy Heppner

Deers Dancing in the Park by Tammy Heppner

$30.00 – $400.00
Listed in Acrylic on canvas, Prints

The full title of this painting is: Deers dancing in the park on the grass because there in their sun shinny world in Virginia because the sun shines down on them and people enjoy watching the show that their putting on just to have fun

Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 22″

A printed copy of the original work, size small. All prints use archival ink on premium paper.

Size: Acrylic on Canvas, 8.5×11″ Print, 13×19″ Print, 17×22″ Print

Year of Artwork: 2018

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