Description of the Plays and the Playwrights

Description of the Plays and the Playwrights:

“World War II Play,” by Luis Rodriguez, is an action-packed and satirical retelling of the Second World War. The play is about a fighter pilot who is drawn into the conflict during the attack on Pearl Harbor and must somehow single-handedly defeat the Axis Powers and save the world. Mr. Rodriguez combines his love of history with slapstick comedy, over-the-top dialogue, and references to 80’s action movies like “Top Gun” to present a script that is engaging from start to finish. Mr. Rodriguez also enjoys placing himself at the center of the action and truly has fun crafting his own creative adventures.

“Apartment 2B,” by Cheryl Chapin, is a romantic comedy about a young couple that moves in together for the first time. In the excerpts presented, the couple, Peter and Molly, navigate both mundane and unexpected occurrences that test their budding relationship. Ms. Chapin likes to write stories that are lighthearted, funny, and insightful. Ms. Chapin is also a very contemplative writer, as she will often think about her characters and other components of a plot for an extended period before she commits to translating her thoughts for the stage. In her script, Ms. Chapin explores the innocence of love and also the roles people believe they must play in order to be successful and happy.

“Burt and Amanda,” by Amanda Kochell, is a zany comedy about one woman’s quest to win the love of someone who is ensnared by a jealous fiancee. In the excerpts presented, the titular protagonists, Burt and Amanda, rekindle their romance after an chance encounter at a hospital. Their lives become even more chaotic, however, as they take part in a fiery love triangle that is only exacerbated by Burt’s own mother. Ms. Kochell enjoys mixing melodramatic stage directions with blunt dialogue. Ms. Kochell has a very particular writing style and she isn’t satisfied with a scene she has written unless it has made her smile.

“Luanne,” by Paul Santo, is a drama with musical stylings about a man who desperately wants to spend more time with his cousin. The protagonist, Tommy, seeks advice and guidance from his mother, who encourages him to follow his heart and speak his truth. Mr. Santo’s raw and genuine emotions can be felt in every line of dialogue and within his country music lyrics, which play a supporting role in the plot. Mr. Santo, who is a passionate playwright and a songwriter, wrote a song especially for his play and never shies away from showcasing his versatile artistic talents.

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