In This Together

Hands and brush.

Each month at Arts Access, the staff looks for ways to highlight the incredible work being created in our program by our truly talented artists. We do that through our events, website, social media, and email newsletters. But as the world finds itself in this unusual chapter, we’ve all had to revise parts of our day to day lives.

Matheny Medical and Educational Center is taking every precaution to be sure our patients, clients, students, and employees are safe during this health crisis. As a part of Matheny, Arts Access has been vigilant in following all safety precautions and directives. But even though right now the arts center is much quieter than usual, our staff is still hard at work facilitating and promoting our artists.

Let’s Stay Connected

Social distancing might be keeping us physically apart, we can still share the power of art through digital platforms. If you haven’t already, follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and sign up for our email list. We are in the midst of planning some new and exciting online events that you don’t want to miss! And we have tons of photos and videos in our digital archives to continue to share the incredible achievements of our artists.

At Arts Access, we have the privilege to witness the power and positive effect that art has on people’s lives every day. During this difficult time, when many people in the world are experiencing fear and uncertainty, we hope you will join us in singing even louder about how art can heal our hearts and bring comfort to us all.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and continue to #LoveArt.

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