Curating Full Circle 2019

Artist Dani Urso-King performing on stage in the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center.

The Gallery and Stage Show

A lot of careful consideration is put into selecting pieces for both Full Circle’s Gallery and Stage Show. We were able to find a few minutes in their busy schedules to ask Haeree Park, Projects and Events Coordinator, and Heather Williams, Performing Arts Coordinator, a little bit about how they put together such cohesive shows.

To begin, how long did it take you to curate this year’s exhibit/performance?

Haeree: There is no set length of time on curating the Full Circle exhibition. I tend to collect new ideas and new pieces of artwork [throughout the year], then it takes a few weeks to make final decisions.

Heather: From start to finish, it took about two months. I met with the drama, writing, and dance facilitators to identify contenders for the show. From there, I narrowed down the options and crafted a cohesive show.

Haeree Park, Project and Event Coordinator

How did the theme “Art Without Limits” guide your selections?

Haeree: It is very fundamentally what we do and what we are. So, it didn’t steer me any other ways.

Heather: When thinking about this year’s theme, I wanted to choose work that pushed boundaries: personal boundaries, technical boundaries, and emotional boundaries. The work is as diverse as the clients who made them.

What were your steps in selecting pieces?

Haeree: Keep on collecting pieces, look through the database, and arrange them for a cohesive look for entire gallery.

Heather: When I look at the show as a whole, I think about how best to represent each discipline, showcasing new and seasoned clients, having a range of emotion and technical complexity, and having a solid flow from start to finish.

Heather Williams, Performing Arts Coordinator

What was the most challenging part of the process?

Haeree: While achieving a cohesive look for the gallery, I try to include as many artists’ work as possible. But unfortunately, it results in eliminating some pieces from the exhibition, disappointing some artists.

Heather: I try really hard to represent each discipline equally, feature people who have not been in the year before, and highlight the outstanding work created in the purest way. Unfortunately, some people will always be left out. In addition, its always a challenge, when using performers from outside of Matheny, to maintain the integrity of the work when a professional artist takes artistic liberties in their performance.

Finally, do you have any other thoughts or comments on the curating process?

Haeree: I am constantly amazed with Arts Access artists’ talents and creative minds! I appreciate them for sharing it with us all.

Heather: I can’t wait for the artists to shine and showcase some really outstanding dance, drama, and creative writing!

Full Circle 2019: Art Without Limits will be held from 3-6 pm on Saturday, November 2 at the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center. To find out more and purchase tickets click here.

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