Head shot of artist Paul Santo.

Paul Santo

Paul is a dedicated artist whose creativity knows no bounds. Whether he is painting in the studio or writing a play, poem, or song, Paul’s imagination takes the lead. His affable personality shines through in all of his creations, and themes among his work often include his family, country music, and his favorite color, red. Paul explores a plethora of painting styles, and he is always open to trying something new. As a songwriter, Paul uses his lyrics to express how he feels and what he hopes the future will have in store for him. He carefully chooses each word to fit his story and cadence and often uses rhyming as a tool to find the perfect language. Paul dreams big, and enjoys sharing his work with others just as much as he loves creating it.

Paul states, “I think of myself as an artist. But I think of it as a hobby. I honestly don’t know how I got into painting. I figure out what I’m going to paint once I start painting. It’s very therapeutic. It helps with my range of motion and it helps relax my body.” He also has expressed, “I want people to feel happy and excited when they see my art. I’m an artist in all different kinds of ways. I show my art through writing and painting.”

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