Close-up of artist Lee Papierowicz.

Lee Papierowicz

Unhappy with another arts program that didn’t offer her much freedom, Lee, serendipitously, met Arts Access facilitator Joe Matousek at an exhibit in Princeton. That was in 2019, and Lee started participating in Arts Access shortly afterwards.

“Lee got my attention,” recalls Matousek. “She brought me over to where her artwork was hanging. She really took to the Arts Access Program. She has a blast experimenting with all the different techniques and the freedom to just have fun and explore her creative sides. Unlike many artists, she quickly changes her style with each one of her paintings.”

Lee is also a choreographer, and her first dance, “Confident”, was presented at the 2019 Arts Access Full Circle celebration, “Art Without Limits”. It was a tribute to her cousin who currently serves in the U.S. Army. According to Heather Williams, Arts Access Performing Arts and Outreach Coordinator, the dance “demonstrates Lee’s patriotism as well as her own personal strength, as she is featured as one of the dancers. ‘Confident’ has a lot of intricate patterns and fun interactions between the dancers.” When asked about her inspiration when creating dance pieces, Lee responds, “I look at music videos and turn them into my cool but evil style.”

While she is passionate about visual art and dance, Lee also likes the outdoors and skis with adaptive equipment. While attending the Lakeview School, a private special education school in Edison, NJ, she was a cheerleader for her district’s high school in South Brunswick, NJ. One of her favorite musical performers is singer/songwriter/actress Demi Lovato. But, she also likes Beethoven and Strauss. So, regardless of what activity she’s participating in, Lee doesn’t let her disability restrict her in any way

Adds Matousek, “Lee is one of the sweetest artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She always has a smile and a positive attitude.”

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