Head shot of artist Chet Cheesman.

Chet Cheesman

As one of the very first artists to join Arts Access when the program started in 1993, Chet has produced a diverse portfolio of work. Emotion and sentiment seem to be cornerstones of his work, particularly when examining the subjects and titles of his works. A determined and dedicated artist, Chet likes to utilize a variety of styles and sensibilities to express his creativity.

“I love to paint,” Chet says. “All of my paintings are in my head before I do them.” Chet has discussed what he is thinking about while he paints, revealing how he remains focused on his subject during the painting process. Sometimes that is a person he knows, his family, or even himself as an artist.

Chet is thoughtful with his compositions, planning ahead what each piece will look like. His color palettes vary with his mood and inspiration, pastels for tender reflections and bright, primary hues for more vivid expressions. His style varies, too. Chet’s geometric paintings express a bold confidence, while his more freeform works exude an intense energy through frenetic lines and brushstrokes that dart across the canvas.

Throughout the years, Chet has shown his work in a number of museum and gallery exhibits around New Jersey and New York, including the ABC Headquarters, Grounds for Sculpture, and UMDNJ. He has also participated many times in Arts Access’ annual Full Circle event.

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