Head shot of artist Brad Goldman.

Brad Goldman

Brad is an artist with a true passion for painting. He has worked for over 20 years exploring the medium and relishes both the smooth feel of a softly blended gradient and the bold expressive quality of a thick impasto mark. To create his artwork, Brad uses a device called a head-pointer. The device is essentially a headband with a pointer attachment that allows Brad to connect a variety of brushes so he can paints using a series of head and neck movements. His work primarily follows the theme of nature where his favorite subjects include flowers and landscapes. He is an artist who values the work of master artists and looks to the work of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists for inspiration. In addition to painting, Brad runs his own Greeting card business, Brad Designs, where he uses his artwork as the focal image for his cards. Brad has also recently found a new passion in writing where he has been working for over a year on his autobiography focusing on a collection of his wealth of life experiences. Brad also exhibits his artwork in shows throughout the NJ area.

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