Studio Spotlight: Isabell Villacis

Abstract painting by artist Isabell Villasis with shapes and pattern in shades of orange, blue, grey, lavender, and teal.

Recently, Isabell Villacis completed an exciting and intricate canvas painting in the studio. The detailed view shown above focuses in on some of the delicious textures and found objects, including dozens of googly eyes and appliqué jewels, that she has meticulously applied to the canvas. While working on this painting, Isabell decided to use her wheelchair as a brush to apply and texture the paint. All of the colors, objects, and shapes represent something special to her, and she took special care to ensure that all the elements were arranged in the precise patterns she envisioned.

Isabell is a creative and versatile abstract painter, writer, and choreographer. Across all of her artforms you can see her compassion and love for all people. She calls upon her observations and experiences to create numerous wonderful pieces to help anyone navigate the travails they face in daily life. Isabell is also known for tackling complex social issues in her work, especially her writing. She is not afraid to speak from the heart about things that have happened to her and those around her. Isabell is currently working on organizing all of her written works to be made into different books to reach out to those who need solace and guidance.

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