Jess Evans

Artist Jessica Evans by displayed paintings at Grounds for Sculpture exhibit.

I like to write about my family because I love them unconditionally. That’s why I’m excited that my piece, “My Brother’s Really Cool” is in Full Circle this year. My family makes me feel safe and secure and warm. My brother is very special to me because he drove my power chair everywhere, even when he got tired.

His name is Robert. He used to sit on my lap tray when he was little. Ever since then, I’ve been really close to my brother and my sister too. He always helped me out when I got into mischief. He kept me out of trouble.

Writing makes me feel free and good and it’s good for my soul. Before I started writing, I didn’t know what to do with any some of my emotions. I would always hide them. So when I started writing, everything came together.

My brother is younger than I am. He was curious about my chair and he could drive pretty well for a young guy. We used to live on a mountain. I used to have a red power chair. He could drive it better than I could at first. He showed me how to drive it. I was nervous about it because I was driving it for the first time. But then I got the hang of it.

I feel honored that I have achieved so much this year. I did great with achieving things in the art field. When everything else pushes me down, art pulls me right up. It’s like when you’re feeling down, the artwork brings you back up again. The people at Arts Access help bring me up. They’re like family to me. It’s about taking care of each other.

When I paint too, the light colors and even the dark colors make me feel something. Every painting I do is different. . .vibrant and dark ones too. Most of them are vibrant though. I have days where I occasionally paint darker pieces. I don’t why they make me feel different, but they do. I’m just excited to be able to keep making all kinds of art.

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