The Good Arts are Special by Ellen Kane


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Acrylic on canvas, 21 x 52.5″
“Sometimes I know what I want to do before I start painting. Some of my favorite shapes are triangles, rectangles and squares. But when I do digital art, I like to use cylinders and octagons.” Ellen Kane

Featured In: Full Circle 2015, Sotheby's
Dimensions: 21 x 52.5in
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Ellen Kane

Ellen Kane

Ellen has described her work as “stylish and dramatic and original.” With every painting, Ellen is looking to do something different and to create something beautiful. She began painting in 1993, and has worked tirelessly to express her artistic visions. Ellen’s art is characterized by geometric shapes and intricate patterns and textures. Her work is often personal, examining and acknowledging poignant moments in memory and history.

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