Questions & Answers

Can I send someone a gift card to the Arts Access Program?2017-07-10T09:58:07-04:00

Currently, we do not offer gift cards.

Can I purchase the art as a gift for someone?2017-07-10T09:58:15-04:00

Art makes a wonderful gift-and we will ship to anywhere in the Continental U.S.

I live by Matheny, can I come to your facility and pick up the art?2019-01-04T14:19:11-04:00

Absolutely! Please call Haeree Park at 908-234-0011 x1765 or email haeree@artsaccessprogram.org to make an appointment.

Is the art all original?2017-07-10T09:58:44-04:00

All of our paintings, sculpture, digital work and Munny Dolls are original. Our merchandise is manufactured featuring the images of the original pieces.

How can my company get involved or participate with the Arts Access program?2017-07-10T09:58:54-04:00
  • Volunteer: The power behind volunteering is a strong one. Volunteering shows that you are willing to give your time to be a part of something bigger than you or your business. It makes you a team player. Better than just volunteering by yourself would be to organize your employees to volunteer together. 
  • Serve on a Community Board: One of the best ways to get yourself known in the community is to serve on a community board. If you’re passionate about our art or sell, you may want to try the Council for the Arts to help us promote our brand.
  • Donate: We appreciate the donation of your time or your company’s monetary gifts to keep our program growing.
  • Plan and host events: Arts Access has partnered with several corporations to hold pop-up galleries, trunk shows and artist meet and greets.

Reach out to us on our contact page or call 908.234.0011 to get involved!

How can I purchase Arts Access artwork?2019-01-04T14:19:46-04:00
  • Art can be purchased online in our Art Shop.
  • You may also schedule a visit to Matheny to purchase art in person. Please call Haeree Park at 908-234-0011 x1765 or email haeree@artsaccessprogram.org to make an appointment.
I am interesting in volunteering at Matheny. How do I get started?2019-01-04T14:21:18-04:00
  • Since the majority of Matheny patients are full-time residents, volunteers are needed days, evenings, and weekends. Individuals can serve as recreation assistants, classroom aides, tutors, friendly visitors to individuals, and more. Volunteer groups are invited to host parties for residents or participate in other special projects. In addition, individuals and groups interested in fundraising activities are welcomed. Matheny’s volunteer office strives to place helpers in positions, which meet both their interests and availability. Matheny seeks responsible individuals who can commit to a volunteer assignment. Generally, helpers assist for one to two hours per week on a specified day, although other arrangements are available.
  • For further information and a volunteer application, contact the volunteer services office at (908) 234-0011, ext. 1282 or volunteers@matheny.org
Is participation in the Arts Access program covered by insurance?2017-07-10T09:59:24-04:00

Unfortunately, our services are not covered by any insurance provider. You can, however, have your services covered through one of the following:

  • Private pay
  • We are a DDD Service Provider. If a participant is registered through Public Partnerships, their sessions may be billed as “Goods and Services”.
I have a child with disabilities and am interested in Arts Access. How do I get started?2019-01-04T14:20:35-04:00

Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to see if Arts Access is a good fit. You either contact us through our website on the contact us page or give us a call at 908.234.0011 ext. 1360.

Is there an Arts Show that is open to the public? If so, where and when is it?2017-07-10T09:59:41-04:00
  • Every November, Arts Access holds its Full Circle event, which is a 3-part celebration event of the visual and performing art created in the program. The gallery exhibit will feature paintings, digital work, sculpture and Munny dolls. The Multi-media stage performance will showcase dance, poetry and drama. Lastly, a gourmet food tasting courtesy of several local fine-dining restaurants closes out the afternoon.
  • Our artists often have their work presented at galleries and exhibitions around the region.
  • It is our mission to provide outreach opportunities for our performing and visual artists. If you have an event in need of artists, feel free to contact us.
How many Artists do you currently have at Matheny?2017-07-10T09:59:50-04:00

Matheny currently houses 85 residents. We also serve clients from Matheny’s 6 Group Homes in the Hillsborough Adult Day Program and have several clients that participate in the program who commute from home.

How many hours a week do the Artists spend working on their pieces or productions?2017-07-10T09:59:58-04:00

Our clients typically work in 30-minute segments. Some artists will only work one session per week while others will elect to create several times per week.

Typically, how long does it take for a piece of art or performance to be completed from start to finish?2017-07-10T10:00:05-04:00

There is no typical length of time to complete any work of at in the Arts Access Program. Each client works at their own pace to create their original works of art.