Untitled by Shaleena Tomassini


Acrylic on Canvas, 23 x 30″

Featured In: Full Circle 2012
Dimensions: 23 x 30in
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Artist Info

Shaleena Tomassini

Shaleena Tomassini

Shaleena has been an Arts Access participant for many years. In addition to painting, she has shown great interest in the performing arts, primarily dance. Shaleena participated in numerous performances with the Roxey Ballet Company and she has choreographed as well. As a painter, Shaleena developed a unique style of her own that demonstrates her daring creativity. Her paintings have evolved from the literal to the expressive. She is passionate and intense about her work. Shaleena’s paintings have shown at a number of exhibitions including Full Circle, UMDNJ, Visiting Nurse Association, NESC gala and the Bernardsville Public Library.

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